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Saturday, 21 May 2016

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed has been a bit lazy this week and has only just got round to letting me tell yous all about my adventures at Patch on Tuesday. 
Here I am standing on the bar that separates the running waters from the big waters , looking out over the big waters. 

Come on 

This rock pool is a bit salty 

Don't think I'll drink anymore. 
Just love this place, look at all thatstanding water to run and splash through. 

Just having a rest after all that running and splashing.

We found this rock pool all covered with weed.

There's been a bit of a landslide here 

Please throw a pebble for me to chase 

Found it 

Look at all that green, slimy stuff on the rocks behind me. 

That rock formationlooks like an old burial chamber, with a face standing watch over it, spooky. 

There's a cave 

A scary cave,with drippy waters falling from the roof 

I'm very brave going in there. 

Another rock pool. 

Getting m furs wet. 

I'm going to sneak up on that herring gull.

He wouldn't play with me. 

I'll jus have a quick shake to show I don't care.

Look at all those peeps with their pups over the river at Poppit. 

Do you think I should swim over to them? 

There's a couple of boats out on the big waters.

Now we're back on the bar looking towards the boat club were we came onto the besvh.

Well that's about it from my walk at Patch, I'll just leave you with this mappy thingy to show you where we were.