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Sunday, 20 November 2016

I've had a very tiring morning. 40 minutes dragging She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed to the horses then 20 minutes chasing birds round the fields followed by a quick walk along the cliff path with lots of sniffs to be sniffed then a 30 minute run on the beach. I was very good and didn't go to the other dogs unless they wanted to play with me. She Who Thinks She Must Be leaves my long tracking lead on because she doesn't trust me to finish the walk when she wants to go home and some silly peopes threw their dogs Frisbee straight towards me, I came away from it when She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed told me it wasn't mine but I ran a few circles round the other dog and his peopes weren't very impressed that he got tied up in my lead. I think they should be more careful where they throw things. Then after we'd gone in diffrent drecions round the beach they stood not very far away from us when She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed had put my walking string back on and had it attached to the belt round her middle and kept throwing the Frisbee into the stream. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed was trying to wash my tracking lead in the stream to get the sands out of it and I nearly pulled her into the stream when they threw it the first time. She wasn't impressed. Then she spected me to drag her up punishment hill to get home. I s very tired now.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

We're having a quiet afternoon today. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed is watching the rugby. I don't like quiet afternoons, they're boring

Thursday, 17 November 2016

We went to the V.E.T lady this morning for the stuff to stop the nasty bitey pesties making their home in my furs. I jumped on the weighing machine to see if I've gotten any bigger, but no, I'm still only 32.55kilo. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed calls me her toy shepherd but says what I lack in size I make up for in character and she loves me to bits. I nearly got my nose bitten when I went to say hello to a little white powder puff on a lead as we left.
The rain had stopped by the time we came out but it was still very windy but we did our usual walk along the running waters to the wildlife park. There were lots of waters in the running waters and they nearly came over the path in places.
Here's some of the piccies She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed took

This was our walk on Tuesday. It was a misty moisty morning and we went to Patch again. I like patch, I can run and run and run. I was very good most of the time but I got a bit fed up playing the games She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed wanted to play but she wouldn't play chase with me. I don't think that's  veryfair, do you?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

This was our walk today. First we went through the woods and along the lanes to the horses then I had a run in the field before we went along the cliff path to Aberporth. It was very windy and there were big waves in the big waters, but I had another run on the beach before we came home.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Here's the photies from our walk yesterday. We went to the V. E.T. first and got me weighed and some stuff to stop me getting little itchibugs. I's put back the 2 kilo I lost when we had our walking weekend at the August Bank holiday and walked 40k in 4 days. I's 32.25kilo now. Then after getting me weighed we went to the wildlife park but didn't have as long as usual because She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed stopped talking to lots of peopes and told me to mind my manners and be patient! It's MY  walk COME ON MUM.
We saw this heron but he was too busy looking for fish to notice us. 

Then she took a load of silly sceniks 

Quite like this little deer

And the piccie on the wall

Well this is more the thing.

Then we've got more sceniks 

The gulls on the river. 

I wasn't allowed to get my furs wet today. 

She missed the most exciting thing, a squiggle on the path. That's because you found it interesting, Rogan.