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Saturday, 28 May 2016

This was our walk last Tuesday, another noo place.We started off in Cardigan, crossing over the running waters of the Teifi on the little scary footbridge. I thought we were going to the wildlife park again, but we went the wrong way !

'Weres we going, we should have gone the other way '.
But we found this bridal path that looked like it just went through houses,

but look how it turned out. 

We turned off the bridle path and went through this gate to follow the coastal path 

Here's some of the scenics we saw on the way. 
That's Cardigan down there.

I can see the sea. 

Lots of gates to go through. 

That's St. Dogmaels. 

Look at the blossom on that blackthorn tree. 

Oo look a scary bridge with gates each end. 

I can't get to the running waters for a drink. 

Then we had to go past some houses. 

And we ended up behind St. Dogmaels abbey. 

There's a statue of St.Dogmael.

There were ducks on the mill pond and chickens running round, I was very good and didn't take any notice of them.

It was market day and the market stalls are set out in front of the abbey. 

Auntie Ann, who lives with my half brother, Simon, lives near here and we met her at the market but not Simon because he's not long had an operation on his leg. We walked round the market and bought some edibles, then we went and had a drink in the abbey. 

These be some of the piccies we took in the abbey.

If you biggify this piccie you can read about the abbey. 

After we'd had a look round the abbey ruins we walked back the same way and got back to Cardigan in plenty of time for our bus home. 
These be the edibles She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed bought.

And this is the pigs trottershe got for me, now if you'll excuse me I'm just going to have a little snack....

Monday, 23 May 2016

This was our walk today, we got the bus to Penparc and walked back along the lanes. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed says I need to do some road work to keep my nails trim. So we walked 3.89 miles, it took us 1.35 hrs at an average speed of 2.4 miles an hour, although I did manage to speed it up to 5 miles an hour  (I'm very good at pulling! )

This is the lane we were walking along, it was lined with pretty white flowers in the hedgerow. 

This is the scenic looking back the way we had come. 

Just building up my pulling muscles. 

Another scenic 

The cows were all in a line walking across the field to come in for milking. 

This is the farm they were going to, they had to cross the road to get there. Good job we went past before they crossed the road or we would have had to wait forever. 

That's the way we're going. 

That big tractor and slurry tank took up nearly all the road. I sat very still while it went past. 

Another scenic 

And another one 

Nearly home now. 
Think I'll have a nice long rest when I get in. It's hard work building up my pulling muscles.