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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Here's the photies from our walk yesterday. We went to the V. E.T. first and got me weighed and some stuff to stop me getting little itchibugs. I's put back the 2 kilo I lost when we had our walking weekend at the August Bank holiday and walked 40k in 4 days. I's 32.25kilo now. Then after getting me weighed we went to the wildlife park but didn't have as long as usual because She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed stopped talking to lots of peopes and told me to mind my manners and be patient! It's MY  walk COME ON MUM.
We saw this heron but he was too busy looking for fish to notice us. 

Then she took a load of silly sceniks 

Quite like this little deer

And the piccie on the wall

Well this is more the thing.

Then we've got more sceniks 

The gulls on the river. 

I wasn't allowed to get my furs wet today. 

She missed the most exciting thing, a squiggle on the path. That's because you found it interesting, Rogan.