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Sunday, 25 September 2016

My friend Bella came to see me on Tuesday with her people Sally and Andy, they took us to Poppit for a good chase on the beach.

We saw these swans, I was very good and didn't try to chase them. 

We had a grrreat time splashing in the water.

Then we heard this haunting melody drifting across the beach and found this man sitting on the rocks playing an accordian, it was beautiful. 

Auntie Sally took a piccie of him and captured someof his music in her piccie box. 

Here I am with Auntie Sally. 


And jumping. Yippee. 

Don't usually see this view of the beach. The waters were a long way out so we could get round the rockies to the far part of the beach.

Some of the rockies 

Uncle Andy walking towards the far end of the beach.

More fun in the waters 

And chases on the sand. 
I had so much fun I didn't want to go home and played 'you can't catch me 'in the sand dunes but Uncle Andy caught me while I was having a drink at the tap by the lifeboat station. 

Thank you Bella for a lovely afternoon.