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Sunday, 18 March 2018

We had our walkie in the snows this morning. After I chased the seagulls out of the field we had to cross we went up to the old army camp to look at the sceniks
But it woz bitterly cold up there and the snows woz blowing hori zon talli ,no wonder it not be settling on the ground, it not be touching it.
So we came back down, along the track at the side of the field
I found a twig to play with.
These be our footie prints. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed left these,
and these be mine.

We thought there might be some icicles by the running waters, but there weren't.
So I got my furs wet.
There's a tiny falling waters.

Then we went into the enchanted wood
That's where the Bogwhight lives, we have to be very quiet so we don't disturb him😁.
I'll just get this stick in case he wakes up.

We got past safely this time.
Then we were out of the enchanted wood and had to cross the sheepses field. All the sheepses were sheltering under the hedge but these ones tried to guard the gate we had to go out of. 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Look, falling waters be coming out of the ground
Why falling waters coming out of the ground mum?
The ground be all soggy wet.
There be lots of running 2aters here
I get my furs wet in them.
We see this buzzard bird in the sky.
This be the field the buzzard bird be flying over.
These licgens be growing on the gate
The airs must be good here cos they only grow if there be no pollutants in the airs.
A gnarly old tree in 5he enchanted wood
And this tree has a hole in it,
You can see right through it. Poor tree.
There be snowdrops through there.
The steps up to 5he scary bridge over the falling waters.
Come on mum, I'm not going across on my own.
I's being brave crossing the scary bridge.
The falling waters
Can you see the big waters at the end of the valley?
Hurry up
You can see the big waters now.
Looking back the way we came.
They be the rocks that the seals lay on sometimes.
Dead Mans Gulch, where a deaded man was washed up in history.
We turn round and go back now.
That be the gate with the lichen growing on it.
It be all squelchy, muddy here.
I have to get my furs wet in the running waters to get all the muds off now, and then we go back through the sheepies field on the way home for dinner.