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Sunday, 8 April 2018

We went on a big expeedition today. I knew we woz going to go on an adventure when She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed started packing our adventure bag with noms and drinkies and things. We had to walk all the way cos it be Sunday and there be no buses today . We walked for 4.5 miles along the lanes to go to see the scramble at Penparc, these be photies taken last year cos when we got there it was CANCELLEDđŸ˜¡.

So we carried on round the lanes for another couple of miles to go to the bluebell woods. Good job we brought our own noms and didn't rely on the burger van

There be pretty spring fowers at the side of the road

And sceniksacross the valley

There be waters falling out of 5he fields.

And more sceniks

I's a good boy.

A butterfly flew with us for a while.

We crossed a little old humpy back bridge.

Then we went into some fields and we passed these ponds but I wosn't allowed to get my furs wet in them

But then we came to some running waters and I got my furs wet in them while She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyedgot our noms out.

Are our noms ready yet?

We ate our noms by the running waters

While we were eating our noms this scary sea monster snuck up to try to steal them.

Then we had to cross this scary bridge.

We woz brave , we crossed it and carried on through the bluebell wood, only we're too early for the bluebells

We have to go past this house and She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed has to go on her walking string cos there be chickens here but there were 2 black labs who live here running about so I have made 2 new friends cos they very kindly let me go past 5heir house.

Then we were back on the lanes and had a very long walk home.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Today is Good Friday, so I must be very good today. It will be very hard.
We went for a walkie to the beach, I woz very good and didn't try to chase any cars. Our local church woz holding a speshul outdoor service by the beach, the peoples were all singing but I wozn't allowed to join in.

We went down on the beach so I could join in without upsetting anyone.

I did digging

and chasing

and I got my furs wet.


There be all the peoples singing. 

Lucky the waters weren't falling from the skies.