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Sunday, 17 June 2018

This does be a little video of my walkie today.

I like swimming now.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

We went to Patch today. We got off the bus at Ferwig and walked along the bridlepath to the running waters.

Must investigate this peemail.

We can see the running waters, looks like they've all run out to the big waters.

Hurry, I want to dig in the sands.

More peemail

Poor birdie. Looks like someone deaded it, but where is it its only fevers here.

I's waiting.

We passed this cottage at the side of the bridlepath.

It had pretty flowers growing in the hedge.

This is the garage.

Then we passed this house before we got to the road.

We had to walk along the road for a while.

We come to the running waters that have run away.

There be lots of boats on the sands.


More boats, the man was throwing buckets of water at this one. Don't tell him, but it's going to take foever to get enough to float it like that.

I'm practicing my Pa.rkour skills again

Practice makes perfect.

More digging.

We wotched  the men floating this boat.

They putted it in the water, they didn't try to put water round it with a bucket!

It floated past us and then we went home.

I had a good walk today.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

This morning I had an hour over the old army camp doing 'find it' in the undergrowth and one time She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed tried to trick me and hid my find it up a tree, but I woz clever and founded it. I even founded both find its when she hid an extra one!

Then, when we got home Auntie Jane came round beeping the horn on the car which is NOT a dogmobile, grrr, and She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed went off to the beach with her, without me. GRRRRRRR.

So to make it up to me this afternoon she took me on the Cardi Bach to Penbyn, and these be the photies she took.

We went along this bridlepath

I found some logs to practice my Parkour skills on, I be very clever balancing on things.

This log has a hole right through it and there woz a jaggy bit that bit my paw. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed saved me from being eaten by the log and disappearing into the hole forever.

This stick is more my size.

We can see the sea.

hurry up, look the beach is down there.

Hurry up and open the gate please.

That be the beach there, but I can't go on it. Grrrr. It only be for peeps and grockles til September.

But we went through the woods instead. It did be nice and cool in the woods.

We looked down on the beach from the top of the cliffs.

There be lots of bluebells on that hill.

And a tree with a hole in it.

Is anyone at home?

I think there's something in here.

More logs to climb on.

Just having a bit of a rest before I find more to climb on.

That be our walkie this afternoon.