Thursday, 22 August 2019

I had a big adventure this afternoon. We started off along the same boring lanes and I thought it woz going to be a road walkie, but then we tutned down the track towards the walkers hostel so I thought we woz going to the deserted farm, but no we turned across the cornfield. All the corn had been cut so I could have a good run.

This woz the scenik, and there woz a mummy horse in the next field with her baby,

Then we made our way across the field that usually has the moo monsters in.

All would have been well if we had turned up the lane towards the farm we gets our Chrissymouse turkey from after we came out of this field, but no, She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed went the other way. The farmer in the next farm  had diverted the footpath so it doesn't go through his farmyard and he has made a luvvly wooden style in the hedge WHICH I COULDN'T GET THROUGH. So what do you think She Who Must Be Obeyed decided to do? Turn round and go back you say, but no, she decides to LIFT ME OVER. The indignity of it, she got me halfway and I hung on with all my legs and thought I woz stuck. Eventually she got me over, but I don't think we'll be going that way again any time soon!
So then we lost the path and ended up in the wrong field. We knew we woz in the wrong field cos we should have been in a field we usually walk in, but we woz in the field that more moo monsters had been in but luckily they were in the shed now waiting to give their milks. We finally got to fields we knew and came home by one of our usual walkies.
I woz so glad to be safe home for my dinners. 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Yesterday the wevvers woz cooler so we went for a longer walkie. Can you see that footpath sign in the distance? That be where we be going.

Just checking my pee-mail

That be the gate we be going thru. There be moo monsters in the field next to it, we not be going in there.

This way.

It does be a bit overgrown.

There be lots of steps to go down.

A bridge to go over.

There shood be running waters here

But they not running very fast!

I run fast.

I got a stick

There be a big hill, we not going down there.

More pee-mails.

Looks like badgers live here, they left big poo-mails!

The moo monsters be over there.

They can't see me here.

Look I got all sticky things on me, I will have to be brushed when we get home.

We's back to the bridge again.

We's back at the gate now, more road walkies to get home, better put the walking string on to keep She Who Thinks She Must be Obeyed safe from the traffics.

We woz out for 2 hours 

And when we got back the waters started falling from the sky and the clouds did cry.

Later the postie lady brought me my late barkday prezzie.

Why does I need a coat when the wevvers be hot?

This be a silly prezzie

I look silly in it.

It says it will keep me cool when the wevvers be hot, this I does not understand.

Today we tried my noo prezzie out, and IT DOES KEEP ME COOL.

Perhaps it does not be such a silly prezzie after all, but it could be just a touch bigger me thinks.

I still haven't got my speshul prezzie though.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Today is my Barkday. I be 4 today. I opened my prezzies They be wrapped in papers to hide them, but I ripped it off.

There did be a Hydro Chuckit with a squidgy middle that soaks up water to keep me cool, best not use it in the big waters though cos the salts be bad for me.

 And there woz a snake, a green snake with a slit in it's belly and a squeak in it's head, She Who Thinks She Musy Be Obeyed put sum noms in it's belly for me to rip out.

I already had one prezzie early, my noo name tag, it haz a piccie of a little devil with a halo (that be me) on one side and my details if I gets lost on the other.

Two of my prezzies haven't cum yet. I'll tell you about them when they get here.

After we'd all had our noms we went for a walkie. the wevvers wozn't so hot today so we had a good walkie.

We went thru Scary Woods


The little running waters still not cum back,

where's they gone?

It be all dry here where they shood be.

We went along the lane by the Old School House,

I attended to my pee mail

I looked at the sceniks, that be Aberporth down there.

We went to give Sara sum noms. She likes carrots, they be BLEUGH, there be no accounting for taste!

She cummed across the field to us.

Can we have our noms please?

She fiished her noms

But I still be waiting for mine.

Where be my noms?

We carried on along the cliff path to the sands. Looks like I have to wait for my noms til we gets home.

IT be too cold on the beach for there to be many Grockles so I can have a good run.

We sat for a while and watched someone on a piece of wood in the waves. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed said he woz surfing, looked more like he woz falling off his piece of wood.

I be posing wiv the dollyfin. 

We went home and I finally had my barkday bones and then we spent the rest of the day in the garden. 

And that did be my barkday.