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Sunday, 22 May 2016

I saw my furend Bella again yesterday, this is the walk we went on. 
We started where the X is on the mappy thing and walked along the road till we got to the forestry track where we let our peeps off their walking strings and had a good run. 

These be Sally and Andy, Bella's peeps.

We got our furs wet chasing in the stream. 

We found this old shack further up the track 

It had an old pump in it. The peeps thought it was to pump water up from the stream. 

to this old ruined house 

We met this little dog, I went to play with him but he runned away, I followed him but She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed called me and I was very good and comed back. 

There was this fallen down tree, it was a very big tree. I'm glad I wasn't underneath it when it falled down. 

We carried on up the track 

And found some bluebells. 

Then we found this old mansion.  

There were all these old buildings. 

We walked through the yard, then turned round and came back again because we didn't want to walk along the road to get back to the car. 

We'd put our peeps back on their walking strings while we were exploring the buildings, but we let them off again when we left the yard, and we just had to have another chase. 

Some more piccies of the mansion and gardens 

Back on the track and back to the car and home for dinner and a good sleep. 

Thankyou Bella for a lovely walk in a noo place.