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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Down the steps to the small beach, holiday pepes have all gone home now, so I can go on this beach now. 
 A new friend came up behind me, we ran on the beach, but he'd not long had THE opration at the VET so I was very good and stopped playing with him, but he runned after me and played again so his dad had to catch him and put his walking string on.

 The tide was right out so we could get from one beach to the other without getting our paws wet.

The big water was very bumpy cos there was a big wind blowing. I chased leaves. 

I found another friend to play with. We had good chasing games. 

But then he went with his people and left me to face the big water on my own.
 I's brave, big water doesn't scare me.


 This WAS like this when I found it, honest.

 Then I went in the running waters,

 They were running very fast.

I found a stick to play with. They're burning what was left from the pretties display last week behind me,mustn't go over there fires are dangrous. 

 I'll bury my stick instead.

 It's gone now.

 Look I'm leaving my other friends when I'm called.

This is the big water looking across the beach. There were people playing in it. 
 Just got to get this.

Do you see that orange mesh in the fence at the top of the cliff? My friend Kim was in a car when it went over the cliff last week, she must have been very scared, someone opened the boot and she ran off, but she has been found and is alright. We don't know how her dad is, but he had to be cut out quickly as the tide was coming in. 
 One more lap round the beach before we go home.

This is the running waters on the little beach. 
Well that's enough adventures for today, I'm getting the bus home now.