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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

We went to Newport yesterday, it was the very first time I'd been there and it took more than one bus to get there, i's only a baby so I can't count 1+1,but that's how many it was. It was so exciting I did be sick on the +1bus . I was very embarrassed, but She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed managed to clear it up before the driver saw it.

This was the scenic from one side of the bridge. There were some curlew amongst the gulls on the shoreline

And this was the scenic the other side, there were mallard here. 
We walked along the path by the side of the big running waters and I climbed up this bank, I'm the king of the castle.

Just checking the pee- mail

Another scenicacross the big running waters.

More pee-mail 

It's all marshy here 

There's little running waters here. It runs into the big running waters.

More running waters under here. 

Look i's a tree climbing dog. 
Apparently in olden times there was a castle here, but now it's moved up the hill. How does a castle move? If you biggify this photie you can read all about it.

I like this tree. 
More running waters.

Another scenic 

I'm being very good not getting my furs wet in this luvvly boggy pool. 
That's the boat club on the Parrog. We didn't quite get that far.

Sitting by the rushes waiting for somebody to go past, I am very good.

I found this tree, it was in the way so I moved it so no one fell over it. 

This is what we could see on the other side of the big running waters. 

We turned round and comed back. 

We left the proper path and walked on the boggy bit at the side of the big running waters. 

It was very boggy so I had to wash my paws before we got the bus home.