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Thursday, 10 December 2015

They say the sun shines on the righteous, and look it does be shining on me, theres a big cloud of doom over Aberporth but it's sunny in Parcllyn. We be waiting for the bus to go to Aberporth, hope that sunshine chases the cloud of doom away before we get there.

Look, it did, that cloud of doom be gone and we be walking along the cliff path to Tresaith. 

Who lives in a hole like this? 

Here I 's pulling She WhoThinks She Must Be Obeyed along, hurry up,I want to get to the big waters. 

There's Tresaith, that's the beach we're going to. 

I like digging in the sand. I like digging in the garden as well. There was a big stone I was trying to dig up.

I like getting my paws wet in the big waters as well. I was very good, there were two other dogs on the beach, I was going to go and check them out but She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed wanted me to look after her,so I stayed with her.

But I kept an eye on them just in case.

We went to the end of the sand and the big waters came up and made my furswet 

So I had a good shake
 And got the waters out of my furs.

We went to the other end of the beach to the falling wsters

Then, guess what, my friend Bella came to play with me. 

We ran 

and ran 

and ran.

Then I had a rest while Bella ranned some more.

I's a soggy doggy.

Then the clouds of doom came back and it rained and Auntie Sally, Bella's mum brought us home in her car because the bus had gone without us.