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Friday, 25 December 2015

It's Chrissymouse day!  Santa Paws has been! He left me lots of prezzies, so I must have been very good. I opened them all myself and made a lovely mess on the floor,it was such good fun 

 Look at all my prezzies, aren't I lucky. I'm very proud ofmy bandanna, it was my brother Finn's and before he crossed the rainbow bridge he told She WhoThinks She Must Be Obeyed to give his bandannas to me so they's very speshul.

 My other  best prezzie was this big slipper chew from my friend Mia and her pups.

 Nom nom nom

 It's yummy

Then She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed 's pup, Scott , arrived and we went to see the horses and then to the beach and I made some new friends and met some old ones again. 

When we got back there was a lovely drool making smell coming out of the kitchen. It was our dinner. It was the biggest turkey you've ever seen. I had the neck, well after that I didn't want any plain old kibble but She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed put some cold turkey in my kibble for my tea so I had to eat it then. Smudge had some too and Santa Paws bringed him some prezzies too. 
Scott had to go home then so I said goodbye to him. 

I's very tired now

So I'll wish you good night and Merry Christmas.