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Thursday, 3 December 2015

I've been chipped! I was a bit worried about about this as the day She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed told me about it she had chicken and chips for dinner, I didn't want to be a chip! But don't worry furends, I is not a chip. The vet lady put something in my neck so if I get lost I can be found again, at least I think she did cos I didn't feel a thing.
I got weighed again as well and I is 21 kilo, that's 6 more than 4 weeks ago. I is getting BIG, and strong cos I eats all my dinners up, and what Smudge leaves.

After I was weighed we went for a walk in the Teifi marshes to the wildlife park again, I had to check out who lives in this hole in the bridge which takes the cars over the river.

 Come on mum, we've got exploring to do.

I's not big enough to get up here yet. 
 Just checking the pee-mail.

 There's lots of pee-mail since I was here 4 weeks ago.

 There used to be a hut here to watch the birds on the river without them being fritted. Nasty vandals broke it, now it isn't there any more.

 I's building up my pulling muscles along here.

There's a lot of running waters here. There wasn't this much before. 
 I sit by the side of the path to let people go past. SheWho Thinks She Must Be Obeyed is trying to stop me talking to (barking at) all the dogs I meet, but Simon and Kai told me this is what  us GSDs do. I is a GSD. Iwill bark at them to ask them to play with me.

 We went in a bird watching hut which is still here, this is what we saw out of the window

No birds 

This is where the water buffalo should be. They weren't. 

 More pee-mail.

 They're not here either.

Are they behind me?

This path was closed maybe they're in there. We won't go to find out. 
Let's go home before they find us.