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Saturday, 22 July 2017

We went on a l o n g walk this morning, we did the circular walk which starts in the fields at the end of our road. We had to go through the big field which has cows with big horns in sometimes, we didn't see any today but She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed picked up a big stick just in case. We found a deaded moley on the path, it had it's little toeses  pointing up to the sky and didn't move when I sniffed it. We followed the path to Dead Mans Gulch where they found a deaded man washed up on the beach back in history, but now there's only baby seals in the cave at baby seal time. It's not baby seal time now so we didn't see any baby seals today. We followed the cliff path to Pen Peles where the mummy seals used to haul up on the rocks, but we didn't see any mummy seals either. Nor did we see any dollyfins. Then we turned off the cliff path and went inland and back to the road. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed wasn't sure whether to go back on the road or accross the fields to the deserted farm, so I took her to the deserted farm. She went behind one of the old buildings to leave some peemail and left me on guard in case anyone came past. No one ever comes this way usually, but they did today so I barked to warn her and then I played with a Weimerama and we walked across the field together before they went home to the cottage next door to the deserted farm. We were out all morning and walked nearly 6 miles.