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Friday, 15 April 2016

Furstly i's pologisin for taking so long posting our walk on Tuesday. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed has been very slow getting organised. 
We went to anuther noo place, but this noo place is called Tremain woods. We got off the bus at Penparc and walked along this lane. Can you see the mist hanging ofur the river in the distance with the top of the mountain peeping ofur the top?

 There be sheeps in the field next to the track we went along. There be a mummy sheep with two babies.

Then we got to the woods and here be the photies She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed took, 

This big tree has fallen ofur.

Here I come! 

Just having a little rest with my stick.

It's a little early for the bluebells yet. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed says we may come back next week. 

There were a few muddy patches 

Getting my furs wet, it has to be done 

Lazy pigs 

The mist has gone from the river now 

Just having another rest before we get the bus home.