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Saturday, 16 July 2016

It was my barkday on Wednesday, I's a whole year old now. We got the bus to Cilgerran and went to my favourite shop in the whole world to choose my barkday prezzie. 

Then we went for a walk in the woods. 

We found the big running waters 

And I went for a swim 

I clambered up the bank after I'd got my furs wet 

And we carried on walking along the bank.

This is the old ferry man's cottage. 

The ferry man used to take people across the running waters if they wanted to get to the other side. 

They started to mend it but run out of money so they just put a roof over the walls to stop water making them fall down again. 

Time to get the furs wet again I think. 

Then these men in scary orange suits came towards us. I barked and barked at them. But they carried onwalking towards us. After they'd gone past I chased them and tried to stop them getting away. But She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed told me to leave them alone. 

Then we came across these children about to go in their canoes on the running waters. 

Then we got to this castle. 

It's Cilgerran castle and we had to go over the scary bridge to get in. 

It's better than Cardigan castle because I was allowed in. 

We went inside the tower but we didn't goup the scary steps to the top.

There was this big scary willow figure. I barked at it. 

This is the view across the running waters.

Then we walked back to Cardigan through the wildlife park and caught the bus home. 
I think I had the best barkday enuresis.