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Friday, 10 June 2016

Here's some of the photies from our walk last Tuesday. We went to Poppit only this time I didn't hurt my leg like I did last time.I had lots of fun running round the sand dunes chasing invisible things. 

Then we went along  a little path through the gorse and look, that's Patch over there, my second favourite place to run.

Someone's flying a kite on the beach.
II'm in the dunes behind the beach.

Now I'm on the beach. The wind is blowing the sand about and I'm trying to catch it. 

Look I've found some new friends, excuse me while I say hello. 

This boat is dragging a net across the river to catch the fishes as the waterd come in .

There's those men holding the other end so the fishes don't get away.

Now we're back in the dunes, going back to catch the bus home. 

There's lots of these little burnet roses growing here,I think they're really pretty.
Come on let's hurry up andget the bus home and have some dinner, having adventures makes me VERY hungry.