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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I had a big adventure today, we went to Patch on the bus, I'vebeen there before with Auntie Beryl for little walks but today it was a BIG walk cos we had to wait for the bus to bring us home again. 
 The waters was a long way out so there was lots of beach to run on.

And dig in.

I runned and runned and runned and chased lots of birds.It was thirsty work so we found a place where falling waters had made a nice pool to drink from. 

 There was a big cave to xplore,there was lots of drippy waters falling on me.

These ducks does be too far in the waters for me to chase. 
 I's just having a little rest here.

 Look at this rock pool,it's got slippy weed all round it.

 Time for another rest and some treaties.

 This is a little egret, he's fishing for tiny fishes. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed put her walking rope on so I couldn't make him fly away.

 Goodbye Patch we have to get the bus home now.